Monday, May 10, 2021

Email I’ll be sending to Capsula Mundi (

I think you would already know that your Capsula for the body -even after good testing- will be most of the time used irreligious people or those holding animistic believes. Probably that's why you made in the first place the Capsula Mundi urns for ashes so Christians and Hindus follow along. In that regard let me make a suggestion to include the most sensitive and big religious group i.e Muslims:

Small waste pretty face big Brainks

I really like it when people (mainly girls for their « mostly » sado-masochic relation with us) underestimate or undermine me for being a middle 20s high-pitched skinny short baby face person jusst to read admiration & appreciation in their faces months down the road when they know my character & persona[1]. Yes ladies, we too can too pick up on those little coarks from time to time –just like you to be honest-, and we too aren’t that vocal about it, our only disadvantage is that our frontal cortex biologically drains out of the blood (and goes to you know where) when we are in front of you –at least that will make our brain power with you even haha, I know, bad joke(?)!-, so our stupidity is just when we are around you[2].

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Examples of my Unexpected Sources of Inspiration & Wisdom

 27 Avr 2021


If you think about it, most prominent populists of the 20th century Absurdism Pessimism/Nihilism are failed romantics, aka nerds who didn't get the girl, aka virgin who didn't get laid. No wonder the appeal of these guys to late bloomer freshmen. One of the good things about reading someone's biography before his books is that it gives you a glimpse into the motives behind what (s)he wrote or at least the period (s)he was going through when writing a book or something: not every right-sounding thing is written for the sake everyone sees on the surface, some people can make Bad sound Good, those are the ones to be feared and avoided, also some thinkers might have said in the beginnings of their fame something that is really interesting, but then capitalize on it through heavy marketing and selling of newer products –mainly books- who doesn’t bring up anything new to the table nor is it a continuation of what was before.

Arguments Against Antinatalism


A: If death is the end then what's the point? You may just kill yourself.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Parallels between Howl's moving castle and Christianity (?)

 Is it just me or is this scene from Howl's moving castle falling stars demons...


I have this weird LCD game that I believe is so rare, at least I have no traces of it anywhere in the internet since I started looking for it approximately in 2009, nor did the bunch of collectors I emailed 5 years ago found anything..

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Saturday, February 6, 2021

A muslim philosopher MMA trainer, a cognitive psychologist dreamer, and an ex-physicist kid prodigy computer scientist almost all agreeing on Determinism & Free will

            In a 2003 C-Span interview, the kid physicist prodigy genius and now computer scientist Stephen Wolfram nodded his head as Yes to the interpretation the correspondent Robert Klurwich gave to Wolfram's idea explanation on determinism and free will: Stephen basically besides his previous idea on the equivalency of computations in every single thing in the universe thus rendering them as intelligent & "conscious" as we are toke back to animism and panpsychism (56:20-01:01:32); besides this, Stephen goes one step further and says that since everything started from a simple computational rule then we are deterministic, but also because of Computational Irreducibility we can't understand all of those computations* 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Tadrawt n mass Ɛebdeṛṛaḥim Awrir , ameddakʷl n tbadut

Here is my contribution in an Amazigh writing competition:
And a final thank you from the organizer for all the participants:

Can Blind People "See" Their Own Dreams? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. Nixxiom

May question in the title and starts at 05:42, they didn't say or write my name, perhaps they couldn't spell it (?).

.○. Personal Trigger Tips .○. ASMR RP / Crinkle shirt / Paper sounds / ...

May trick at 25:00
My original video:

Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years

Lets cite the possibilities from the most to the least probable and leave it there:
1) Underpixilated Aircraft.
2) Underpixilated Aircraft Mirage.
3) Birds.
5) Unidentified Stealth Aircraft.
6) Unknown Stealth Aircraft.
7) Unidentified Flying Animal.
8) Undicovered Flying Animal (that flies faster than any manmade aircraft and potentially having an unconventional flying system that perhaps doesn't use aerodynamics).
9) Non-Human Aircraft.
10) Gravity bubbles (I don't even know if that's physically possible, but I was thinking about it quite a while now).

Some other interesting stuff, each person can be entitled to his own opinions and draw his own conclusions:

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Unexplained - Hindu Drinking Statues

For me this one still unsolved, not that there is some hojo mojo taking place, but rather "skeptics" and "debunkers" conflicted explanations that make this case still wide open to any interpretation as long as it's not proved erronous: for one some says it's mass hysteria, others says it's just people spilling milk and going under the statues jaw, and although it's true that the spilling happened to some as I saw it myself in some videos, in other cases it just disappears like if the rock has became a sponge, and speaking of the rock becoming a sponge, tests by some scientists on the statues with milk containing food coloring made them conclude that it's capillary action taking place, but for the believers in the miracle they didn't accept that conclusion because the phenomenon stopped before noon and never happened again, so it's not that the rocks soaked in milk due to capillary effect, if that was the case it will happen again after years of getting dried, at least that's what I think, perhaps the rocks narrow spaces got now blocked by the residue of milk drying, but who knows!! Further studies & experimentation are needed.
I imagine that it's more likely a combination of all the above in different measures, plus maybe a weird weather & temperature irregularity that helped that capillary effect to be so significant as that spoons of milk are sucked like that.

The scary witch night...

If this video isn't digitally altered, then here is what I have to say:
The fire has already an odd linear direction and always coated in an odd sparks membrane covering up the fire without any apparent apparatus blowing on it from under if not that weird horn like thing in the right inside a brick-or maybe chemically different than the usual fire-, so perhaps there is a combination of physics/fluid dynamics and trickery at the play such as soaking his skin on something while not passing a long time on the same side of the fire. Because if this human really has a super power then at least his clothes will burn and his skin will still intact.

Dancing Sun Miracle - Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines

Hmmm.. if we forget about all the fancy words & sound effects this video has to make the needed impact, this phenomenon seems interesting.
From one side you have the rainbow over Jesus's head. And that can be easily dismissed as a coincidence and camera shooting angle, but that may look like a weird explanation if we take in the consideration the other side of this "miracle" which is that of the optical phenomenon* of the dancing sun taking place in front of the statue.
So in that regard wither :
1) Video manipulation of everything.
2) Video manipulation of a mass hysteria moment.
2) The two events didn't happen in the same day and there was some pretty accurate geolocation choice/forecasting/luck/"synchronicity" taking place to achieve this.
2) The two events didn't happen at the same place (two different places with two different statues or one movable) and again pretty accurate geolocation choice/forecasting/luck/"synchronicity" taking place to achieve this.
4) It all happened in one day in one place and there was some pretty accurate geolocation choice forecasting/luck/"synchronicity" taking place to achieve this.
5) It all happened in one day in one place and no one is involved in creating the meteorological phenomenon but it still just luck/coincidence.
6) 5) It all happened in one day in one place and no one is involved in creating the meteorological phenomenon but it's not luck or coincidence?!

(*): if the sun ever decided to dance it will through us into instances of Fire & Ice and seismic events! We had a similar dancing sun day in my Amazigh culture, but it's just an optical illusion coming from staring to the sun.

Richard Wiseman's failed attempt to debunk the "psychic pet" phenomenon

The only thing I can say is that it's possible the experiments were tempered with, but so do I can say about every single experiment I didn't see or matches my pre-conceived notions of what's possible and what's not. I can say inconclusive or unknown, but humbleness is the best thing in the world, so a big bald I DON'T KNOW is better.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fluids Motor of Tromelin

So a couple days ago, I was watching a video from the Youtube channel The Action Lab about Telekinesis, and I immediately remembered something similar to his apparatus -if not equivalant- in this part of a 1987 french science communication magazine called "Science & Vie" that I had sitting around -for almost a year now after I bought it from a flea market- where it talks about "moteur à fluide" or fluid motor in english and how this fluid is thought to be spiritual in nature and stuff like that..

Friday, January 8, 2021

Saturday, April 18, 2020

ⵜⵉⴳⵓⵔⵉⵡⵉⵏ ⵏ ⵓⵇⴼⴼⵓⵛ/ⴰⵛⴼⵓⵇⵛ/ⵓⵇⵇⴰⵏ (ⵜⴰⵙⴳⴰ ⵏ ⵙⵓⵙ ⵜⴰⵎⵓⵔⵓⴽⵓⵛⵜ)

_ العض: ⵜⴰⴱⴱⴰⵢⵜ.
_ ⵉⵅⴱⵊ: scratching
_الفم: ⵉⵎⵉ(جمعه ⵉⵎⴰⵡⵏ ؛ مؤنثه: ⵜⵉⵎⵉⵜ، جمع المؤنث: ⵜⵉⵎⴰⵡⵉⵏ)
_اللسان: ⵉⵍⵙ(جمعه ⴰⵍⵙⵉⵡⵏ، مؤنثه: ⵜⵉⵍⵙⵜ، جمع المؤنث: ⵜⴰⵍⵙⵉⵡⵉⵏ)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

ⵜⵉⴳⵓⵔⵉⵡⵉⵏ ⴷ ⵉⵡⴰⵍⵉⵡⵏ ⵏ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ (ⵜⴰⵛⵍⵃⵉⵜ) ⵖ ⴷⴰⵔ ⵜⴰⵡⵊⴰ ⵏⵏⵡ

       ⵜⵉⴳⵓⵔⵉⵡⵉⵏ ⴷ ⵉⵡⴰⵍⵉⵡⵏ ⵏ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ (ⵜⴰⵛⵍⵃⵉⵜ) ⵖ ⴷⴰⵔ ⵜⴰⵡⵊⴰ ⵏⵏⵡ

·         « ⵓⵔⴷ ⵙⵎⵢⵓⵔ ⴰⵛⵇⵇⴰⵏ, ⴽⵙ ⴰ ⵢⵛⵇⵇⴰⵏ » : ⴰⵔ ⵜ ⵜⵜⵉⵏⵉⵏ ⴼ ⵓⵙⵏⴽⵔ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵔⵔⴰⵡ.

·         ⴰⴼⵔⴼⴰⵥ : ⴰⵏⵏⴰ ⵉⴳⴰⵏ ⵓⵎⵍⵉⵍ ⴷ ⵓⵙⴳⴳⴰⵏ (ⵣⵓⵏⴷ ⵜⴰⴱⵍⴰⵟ ⵏ ⴹⴰⵎⴰ) .

·         ⴰⵍⴰ : ⴰⵚⴽⴽⵉⴹ ⵏ - ⵡⴰⴷⴷⴰⴳ- ⵍⵍⵉⵖ ⵍⵍⴰⵏ ⵉⴼⵔⴰⵡⵏ .

·         ⴰⵚⵕⵓⴹ : Bureau de complaints

·         ⵜⴰⴹⵕⵉⴼⵟ : ⴰⴷⵖⴰⵔ ⵏ ⵓⵀⵔⵔⵓⴹ ⵍⵍⵉ ⴰⵙ ⴰ ⵜⵇⵇⵏ ⵜⵉⴳⴳⴰ ⴷ ⵜⵉⵙⵜⵖⵉⵏ ⵏⵏⴰⴷ ⵉⴼⴼⴰⵖⵏ ⵖ ⵉⴷⵓⴽⴰⵏ .

·         ⴰⵖⵔⵔⴰⴱ : الباخرة

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Paleontological Specimen (?)

Hello, I was hoping if anyone can identify this for me what kind of fossile it is -if any at all !-, at the 1st glance it looks like a dragonfly wing; but to this day no one could confirm nor deny that for me (mainly due to the dim pictures)even with all the people and professionals (even in dragonflies only!) I asked via the internet. These pictures are now more than 7 years old with the limited tools I had back then. Unfortunatlly, after that with a while (I think more than a year) I tried to extract that spicemen from the big rock it was sitting in -eventhou I knew it was a bad idea- to avoid its lost when some rumors were circling around about the possibility of some sort of road might pass there, so as you may excpect I destroyed the spicemen and this is all what is left of it :'-( !! And that was due to me lacking knowlege & fitting tools, stress to avoid my local ignorant gossipy community spotting us, and the lack of anthausiasm and mockery from my cousin's part when I asked him to come with me to be a helping hand and a guarding eye.
But anyway, what happened has happened, and now all what I'm hoping for is a professional opinion.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Voluntary inducing of Goosebumps

* This article was originally written around 2016 and 2018, this is its newest update & curation


Warning:  This article will only be based on my experience & opinions.

I-                 Self-Inducing of tingles (Positive ASMR/ASMR related)

Note: Being hyper-imaginative and emotional person who can easily get earworms might cause for such person to be more sensitive than average  for getting tingles, even by just mimicking, remembering, or mentioning of the action to get them, whatever it’s by writing, audio, visual, or audio-visual source.